Word of thanks

This website could not come about without help of several people. A word of thanks is necessary. Particularly I would mention the next volunteers:

  • Matt Dillon from Belfast (UK) en Emma Jones, Popkorn TV (UK), for their help and advices in the English translations,
  • Aart van der Linde from Bolsward (NL) for his help during the project from the beginning.
  • Felix Groenewoud from Joure (NL)for his role as webmaster,
  • Gerard Groenewoud from Leeuwarden (NL) for his creation of the header of the website,
  • Richard Majevski from Heerenveen (NL) for the translation into Polish,
  • Paula Innemee from Elst (NL, Utrecht) for the scans,
  • Berry de Reus (retired) employee of the Airborne Museum Hartenstein in Oosterbeek (NL) for his photos at the different presentations,
  • Familie Hommersom from Scherpenzeel (NL, Gelderland) for their photos of the droppings,
  • Emma Staal from Heelsum (NL) for her photographs of the presentation and commemoration in 1999,
  • Albert Bouman from Elst (NL, Utrecht) for his photographs of the droppings in 2009,
  • Jan Willem Jacobsen from Ede (NL) for the films of the presentations of the beer,
  • Sjouke Zonneveld from Leeuwarden (NL) for his help to make the film suitable for the site.

Last but not least, I want to thank Esther for her enthusiastic help and advice on important moments.