Objects Airborne Beer

The aim of the project is twofold. Gerrit had the idea to assist in the remembrance of those Allied soldiers, who as part of Operation ‘Market Garden‘ who fought to free this part in The Netherlands. This by producing Airborne Beer, bottled and labelled with a suitable image and containing information about this critical and pivitol battle.

Allied parachutists dropped into the corridor south of Arnhem in The Netherlands at the start of Operation Market Garden. Source: Wikipedia.org.

This website, together with the label of the bottle, give information about this battle in 1944 in World War 2. The Market Garden operation in 1944, which was the largest allied Airborne operation ever mounted. The website tells the story about the project in the English, Dutch and Polish language.

The other purpose is donating money from the sale of Airborne beer to the Lest We Forget Foundation, the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek (NL) and the Liberation Route Europe Foundation. The Lest We Forget Foundation supported British and Polish Arnhem 1944 veterans and their relatives. From the project started to date euro 6.500,= has been donated to this worthy cause to the Lest We Forget Foundation.

The project also donated to the Airborne Museum (euro 6.500,= in total). The education department of the Airborne Museum received in September 2009 and June 2019  donations of euro 4.500,= in total. The Airborne Museum intend use this gift in the digital education room (digital voting). The Projects slogan is “a bridge to the future, a bridge to the next generation”. In 2011 began another project “Luisterkei”, which is a monument near to the Airborne Museum. In 2012 euro 4.500,= has been donated to subsidise this “Luisterkei”, which is a part of one of the projects of the Liberation Route Europe Foundation.

In 2014 Airborne Beer started by collecting money exclusively for the Liberation Route Europe Foundation. They became already euro 6.100,= as a financial support. After 20 years total donations of this project are euro 21.600,=!

Airborne Beer is registrated as trademark at Benelux Office for Intelligent Propety (registrationnumber 658595). Trademark infringement in these Benelux countries will not be tolerated by Airborne Beer!

Sales results by year:

year bottles
1999 2.858
2000 751
2001 758
2002 1.133
2003 873
2004 1.894
2005 1.144
2006 1.069
2007 907
2008 947
2009 1.207
2010 1.047
2011 1.101
2012 1.059
2013 759
2014 2.196
2015 1.239
2016 1.014
2017 1.207
2018 1.207
2019 2.941
2020 1.123
total 28.434

The sales of the different wrappers Airborne Beer are presented in the galery.