History Airborne Beer

It all began in 1999. The charitative initiative Airborne Beer came into being on the occasion of the 55th commemoration of the battle. The label was designed by Arie Visser in Gouda. The beer was presented in the Airborne Museum Hartenstein in Oosterbeek (NL).
wikkel Airborne Beer 1999Airborne beer has gone from strength to strength. The Jubilee version of 3.000 bottles sold out completely. The first milestone was in 2002 when the 5,000th bottle was sold.

Initially the Pegasus with rider was chosen as the logo of the Airborne Beer. This was also the emblem of the First British Airborne Division that took part in the Battle.

In 2004 the designer changed the logo to the current Parachute in action version. The beer was presented by Mr. F. Newhouse, British veteran of the Arnhem-battle in 1944, to the Queen’s Commissionar of Gelderland, Mr. J. Kamminga and the Burgomaster of the Renkum community, Mr. P.M. Bruinooge.

wikkel Airborne Beer 2004

Prince Bernhard (grandfather of the Dutch King Willem Alexander) was one of the first who got a jubilee-bottle for his 93rd birthday (29th June 2004). He was very pleased with it. The Dutch site shows a letter with his reaction.

The Lest we forget Foundation fund has raised euro 6.500,= in total from Airborne Beer.

In 2006 the number 10.000 bottle has been presented, which was a special honour to the Polish paratroopers in the Arnhem battle (the photogalery shows you a videofragment).

In 2009 another jubilee-label is designed and introduced (65 years after Market Garden en 60 years Airborne Museum Hartenstein). The benefit of the jubilee-bottle (euro 2.000,=) has been paid to the Airborne Museum Foundation in Oosterbeek (NL). They used it for an educational object in the renewed Museum.

LuisterkeiIn 2011 the Museum got an special monument (called “luisterplek”) in the Liberation Route Europe project. The money (euro 4.500,=) for that was paid by Airborne Beer to the Museum.

In 2015 the Foundation Liberation Route Europe treated the Foto blik kattentongenCanadian veterans, visiting The Netherlands to commemorate the 70th deliberation, by a can with chocolate, decorated by photo’s of WW2. This treatment was paid by the gift in 2014 of Airborne Beer. In total the Liberation Route Europe got € 6.100,=

Also in 2015 the 21.600 bottle has been presented. It is a thankful gesture to the Major and Executive Board of the Renkum Municipally for their support in the Airborne Beer project from the start in 1999 till now.