10,000th bottle

After seven years the project reaches a futher milestone in production of the 10,000th bottle. On 12th August the 10.000th bottle was sold to Mrs. Ten Holt of Arnhem by Rob Peters the proprietor of the local wine shop. Mrs. Ten Holt received a hamper filled with Airborne Beer products.
On the occasion of the jubilee a ceremonial bottle with a specially designed label in the Polish language was produced the text of which was: “W  podzięce i pamięci za udzial Polski w bitwie o Arnhem 1944″.

This was to honour the decision to decorate the Polish Armed Forces with the Military Williams cross (Willemsorde) in May 2006.
jubileumwikkel Airborne Beer

The presentation of the 10.000th bottle was done by Burgomaster of Renkum, Mr. P.M. Bruinooge, to the Polish Arnhem 1944 veteran Mr. A. Fedorowicz.
Speeches were made by Mr. F. Smolders, director of the Airborne Museum, the burgomaster and the organiser.

Burgomaster of Renkum, mr P.M. Bruinooge, initiator Gerrit Staal and the Polish veteran mr A. Fedorowicz toast on the jubilee (photo B. de Reus, conservator Airborne Museum)

Read here the speech of mr F. Smolders , directeur Airborne Museum.
You can read here the speech of Gerrit Staal, the initiator of the Airborne Beer.