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Naast de Stichting “Lest we forget” heeft ook de Arnhem 1944 Veterans’ Club zich herhaaldelijk met enthousiasme achter dit initiatief geschaard. De volgende passages uit hun halfjaarlijks Newsletters zijn hier duidelijk over:

Newsletter Arnhem Veterans Club, November 1999:
Did you get a bottle or two of this excellent brew which the brewer, Gerrit Staal, had on sale in the car park at Ginkel Heath? His efforts have been a great help to the “Lest We Forget” Foundation: at this date (October 8th) he has sold over 2.300 bottles and will donate over 700 pound to their funds. Futher sales will result in further donations. Thank you, Gerrit for your great work.

Newsletter Arnhem Veterans Club, June 2000:
All who sampled this excellent brew which was specially produced for the 55th Anniversary will be pleased to know that Mr. Gerrit Staal is to provide another brew this year. It will be on sale at Ginkel Heath on the Saturday of Commemoration Week and will be in the shops in Arnhem and Oosterbeek during the whole period. Once again, Mr Staal will contribute one guilder from each bottle sold to the “Lest We Forget” Foundation. Last year the Foundation benefited to the tune of 3000 Guilders.

Newsletter Arnhem Veterans Club, June 2002:
Gerrit Staal will be at Ginkel Heath again this year with copious supplies of his Airborne Beer. The sale of his 5.000th bottle is expected since starting the project in 1999 and the “Lest We Forget” Foundation has benefited greatly as a result.

Newsletter Arnhem Veterans Club, Nov. 2002:
It was good to see Mr. Gerrit Staal selling his Airborne Beer at Ginkel Heath during the parachute dropping on Saturday 21st September. He has now produced well over 5.000 bottles of this excellent brew, which, apart from slaking many an airborne thirst, has resulted in a very healthy contribution to the funds of the “Lest We Forget Foundation.