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wrapper Airborne Beer 55th commemoration

Number 01: In 1999 the Airborne Beer project was started on the occasion of the 55th commemoration of the battle of Arnhem. Mr. Arie Visser made a special design for the wrapper which acted the story of the Arnhem battle and its 55th commemoration. This edition was sold out within a half year. (number was 2.973 bottles with proceeds for the Lest we forget Foundation).

wrapper Airborne Beer with logo Pegasus

Nr. 02: During the period 2000-2004 the design of the wrapper was transformed to a timeless one. Pegasus had still the central position. The First British Airborne Division was identified by the Pegasus; it was printed on the sleeves of their uniforms. 4.500 bottles of the total edition (5.000) were sold. Also proceeds for the Lest we forget Foundation.


Nr. 03: The 5.000th bottle Airborne Beer was sold in 2002. This jubilee-wrapper is not sold, but purpose made for a official presentation.

wrapper Airborne Beer 60th commemoration

Nr. 04: The 60th commemoration of the Arnhem-battle was reason to make a design, which was complete new. This was the parachutist. 1.808 bottles of this design were sold. This meant another financial benefit for the Lest we forget Foundation. 

wrapper Airborne Beer with parachutist

Nr. 05: A timeless version of the wrapper with the parachutist appears in 2005. 4.800 bottles were sold (the most popular wrapper there is) with proceeds for Lest we forget Foundation.

jubilee-wrapper Airborne Beer 10.000th bottle

Nr. 06: Another cermonial wrapper appeared in 2006. The 10.000th bottle was dedicated to the Polish Airborne forces of the Arnhem battle. The text on the wrapper was translated into Polish and the worship was running as follows: W podziece i pamieci za udzial Polski w bitwie o Arnhem 1944.

wrapper Airborne Beer 65th commemoration

Nr. 07: 65 years after Market Garden and 60 years Airborne Museum Hartenstein; two events to introduce a next wrapper. The first proceeds for the Airborne Museum in this project: euro 2.000,=. 1.600 bottles were sold.

wikkel Airborne Beer

Nr. 08: In 2011 a new version of the wrapper was presented. Pegasus is back in the central position. Till September 9th 2017 over 3.966 bottles are sold. The proceeds of this sale are also for the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek.

wikkel Airborne Beer

Nr. 09: Version 2014 of the wrapper for the 70th commemoration of Market Garden and promotion for Stichting Liberation Route Europe. 3.340 bottles are sold and 3.340,= euro is payed to them.

wikkel Airborne Taptoe Ede

Nr 10: Airborne Beer is also open for opportunity wrappers. This one is a specialty for the Airborne Taptoe Ede. This edition made euro 50,= benefit for the Airborne Museum.

Are you interested in an Airborne Beer wrapper with your own logo? Please contact Gerrit.

wikkel Airborne 20000

Nr 11: On September 2nd 2015 the 20.000 bottle Airborne Beer was presented. It is a thankful gesture to the Mayor and Executive Board of the Renkum Municipality for their support in the Airborne Beer project from the start in 1999 till now.