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2015 - 20,000th bottle

Gerrit Staal overhandigd fles aan locoburgemeester

The sale of 20,000 bottles of Airborne Beer was a reason to reflect on yet another project milestone. The symbolic presentation of the jubilee bottle took place at De Westerbouwing in Oosterbeek. Mr E. Heinrich, deputy mayor of the Municipality of Renkum, received the bottle on 02 September. This was the initiator’s way of expressing his gratitude to the Municipal Executive for its involvement throughout the project.
Mayor Verlinden, for instance, was the one who received the first symbolic bottle during the introduction in 1999. Five years later, Mayor Bruinooge acted as a last-minute replacement for the absent King's Commissioner, Mr Kamminga, and he was presented with a bottle by British Arnhem veteran Mr Newhouse during the 60th anniversary of Market Garden. Another two years later, Mayor Bruinooge was in the same leading role when he presented the 10,000th bottle of Airborne Beer to Polish Arnhem veteran Mr Fedorowicz.

Gerrit Staal thanks W. Boersma

In 2011, Mr Heinrich, in his capacity of alderman of the Municipal Executive, attended the unveiling of the audio rock next to the Airborne Museum Hartenstein in Oosterbeek by Mr Wiegel. The audio rock was in part financed by Airborne Beer.
Mr W. Boersma, former director of the Airborne Museum, made an important contribution to the presentation at De Westerbouwing. During his speech, he told the graphic story of the battle fought during those September days in 1944 on and around the lateral moraine on which De Westerbouwing was built. The experiences of civilians were also discussed. Mr Boersma was reading a section from the book entitled “Van dollen dinsdag tot bevrijding”, which was published shortly after the war.
During his speech, Mr Heinrich indicated that the annual commemorations of those events form a part of the unique core quality of the Municipality of Renkum. The Municipal Executive, therefore, supports the activities organised in that respect.