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Airborne Beer is a private enterprise. Gerrit Staal was born in The Netherlands (1963) in Heelsum. In that region the battle of Arnhem (1944) is commemorated. Gerrit now lives in the north of the country in the little village of Oldeberkoop.
In a presentation at the 1944 British Headquarters "Hartenstein Hotel" (now the Airborne Museum) in Oosterbeek, Gerrit descriped what motivated him to start the project (August 21st 1999).

brewer and initiator.

Gerrit, who is by professional a quality manager (a co-packer for food).
In the 1980s Gerrit was studying Food proces engineering in the old Frisian town Bolsward. Whilst studying he became friends with a fellow student Aart van der Linde. Both friends had a passion for brewing beer.
Aart went on to establish himself as a brewer and runs the "Frisian Brewery" in the premises they previously studyed in. Gerrit continued his passion as a hobby. A hobby which now supports the veterans of the battle both in spirit and in funds.

Brewer Aart and initiator Gerrit toast on the jubilee in 2009.